Yasai is building the first Circular Vertical Farm worldwide within a greenhouse owned by Hydroplant AG. What do we mean by circular? The whole farm will be based on a circular economy and a cradle-to-cradle business model to reduce waste to a minimum. Thanks to the best state of the art technology by experienced companies such as iFarm and Logiqs we are able to grow more with less. In a first step we will grow premium quality herbs for a competitive price and soon enhance our portfolio to locally grown strawberries even in winter. Step by step we will improve our portfolio and the vertical farm technology itself for the next projects that are already in the pipeline. We will keep you up to date!



Yasai created an autonomous Vertical Farming system to the Lunark project by SAGA Space Architects to support their mission in the arctic in late 2020. The goal of the Lunark mission is to test & develop a moon habitat for future generations to come within a similar environment in Greenland, DK. Yasai contributes by sponsoring the "Beyond Earth" system to grow fresh herbs, leafy greens and flowers within one of the harshest environments. Vertical Farming was once and still is a space technology, we want to enable everyone to grow by offering an affordable system also for your homes, offices & restaurants. Feel free to read more about Beyond Earth over this link: www.beyondearth.ch. Thanks to the amazing team of Saga Space Architects to reach for the limits. Think about earth like a giant space ship that we all share and care of, while moving through time & space.



Yasai GmbH, c/o ETH Zürich, Stampfenbachstrasse 52/56, 8092 Zürich

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