Yasai won the first stage of VentureKick and 10'000 CHF!

We are more than happy to announce that we won the first stage of the VentureKick Programme! Thank you for the great support this helps Yasai to grow more!

Venture Kick kicks spin-off projects out of Swiss university labs by providing up to CHF 150,000 in seed-money, a global network to investors and hands-on coaching. Venture Kick is organized as a fully private and philanthropic foundation with the goal of fostering job creation, and social and economic prosperity in Switzerland. Since 2007, Venture Kick has invested CHF 27 million in 640 projects, which today represent 450 companies and more than 6,000 jobs. Startups supported by Venture Kick have raised more than CHF 2.5 billion in investments to date.

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