Yasai is raising CHF 1.5 Million to create the 1st circular vertical farm in Switzerland

Yasai will build the 1st circular vertical farm of Switzerland in Gossau, ZH in Switzerland. By reusing a greenhouse owned by Hydroplant we will produce local & fresh food with an automated hydroponic system that bases on circular economy. We want to contribute to a resilient and sustainable food system for the Swiss citizens especially in times of crisis, where food safety and food supply chains are at risk. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to support Yasai with building this farm. Thanks to Moritz Kuederli, Owner of Hydroplant AG, for offering us space!

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YASAI AG, c/o ETH Zurich, iE-Lab, 4th Floor, STE J16, Stampfenbachstrasse 54, 8092 Zurich

Thank you to the companies, sponsors and accelerators that support YASAI.

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