Farming as a Service

We Build

1. We create a feasibility study

2. We design & plan

3. We construct

We Operate

4. We organise supplies & create customised plant portfolios

5. We maintain & monitor your vertical farm

6. We optimise and update your Vertical Farm

We Market

7. We acquire your target customers

8. We design everything from packaging to branding

9. We organise the logistics

With our service and plants you have...

High Food

Safety & Quality

Small Ecological &

Social Footprint

Fair &

Competitive Costs


Our technology is fully automated

Our YASAI blocks can grow

anything, anytime and anywhere

AI Powered

Low labour costs.

24/7 production.


Rapidly scalable Vertical Farms for a significant impact.


Easily adaptable to any space, context, and products.


Contact Us

YASAI AG, c/o ETH Zurich, iE-Lab, 4th Floor, STE J16, Stampfenbachstrasse 54, 8092 Zurich

Thank you to the companies, sponsors and accelerators that support YASAI.

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