Design & Architecture


Where is my farm located?


In the desert, on a vast island, on top of a skyscrapper, in a bunker in the mountains. The possibilities are endless, so are the customized designs. Each Vertical Farm will be as unique as the people who create it and the culture of the particular community at this place.

Biology & Technology


Which systems will I apply?


Hydro-, Aero- or Aquaponics.

LEDs, HID, or natural light.

Fully automised, handcraft or a hybrid. Synergies with biogas, server-farms or geothermal systems for heating or cooling. We will guide you and simulate the best possible solutions for you and the environment.

Market & Marketing

What kind of plants should I grow?


Leafy greens, microgreens, exotic fruits, herbs, marrow and cruciferous vegetables. The diversity of plants is huge. We will help you to find the best possible variety of plants for your specific market.

Each species requires it's own specific conditions, we know-how to grow.


Yasai GmbH, c/o ETH Zürich, Stampfenbachstrasse 52/56, 8092 Zürich

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