"Our mission is to feed the world sustainably and contribute to your health."

Founded in 2020, YASAI offers “Vertical Farming as a Service” - a turnkey solution enabling our customers to build, operate and market their Vertical Farms and products. YASAI empowers its customers to grow more with less and creates circular food production systems in cities and regions lacking sufficient agricultural resources such as fresh water or fertile arable land. Our model increases biodiversity by consolidating food production through resource-saving technologies and drastically reduces the use of pesticides. YASAI replaces food imports and reduces production costs across the value chain by focusing on locality and premium quality. 


We will be 10 billion people by 2050. We must grow more with less to feed the world’s growing population.



With Vertical Farming we can produce 15x more per sqm with 95 % less fresh water & zero pesticides or food miles.



We create circular food systems that reuse cities’ waste as resources to grow plants for the local community.

Why we have to change

The way we eat and produce food has a great impact on the natural ecosystems!

Agriculture today requires:

"We want to build a world where food production

does not harm our planet and contribute towards a sustainable agriculture."







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